We met at around 18 years of age and quickly fell for each other sharing similar interests and ideas. We were your typical average teenagers with Liam working full time as an apprentice engineer and Rebecca in full time education. Back in 2009, on Liam’s 21st birthday, Rebecca’s Dad (Walter) asked Liam what he would like as a gift, to which he responded “pigs”. Nobody believed that he was serious (it’s definitely not your typical answer from a 21 year old). However, he was told that providing he fenced the land and built a suitable pig ark he would be able to buy 2 small pigs to be kept in a spare piece of woodland on the land.

Liam arrived the next day, spade in one hand and spirit level in the other, ready to begin building our first pig ark. He even sold his fancy car to buy an OLD land rover defender. After some real hard work making the woodland as pig proof as possible (or so we thought!), we collected our first two Gloucester Old Spot pigs, Salt and Pepper.

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