Sausage Rolls

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  •  2-3 packets of Snoutwood Black Pepper Pork Sausages (Why not try our other flavours Traditional/Black Pudding/Jalapeno etc. if you fancy something slightly different )
  • Puff pastry made using free range eggs
  • 1 full red onion (finely diced)
  • 1 clove of garlic (finely diced)
  • Free range egg yolk (Free range eggs are available from the honesty box at the front of the farm daily)


1. Ensure that all work area surfaces/knives/hands are clean 2. Cut the sausage meat from their skins by cutting the top of the sausage skin and peeling it away. Dispose of the sausage skins and place sausage meat into a mixing bowl. *Please note – you can use Snoutwood traditional/black pepper burgers that use the same mix as the sausage but without the skins* 3. Finely chop and dice the red onion and garlic. Add to the sausage mix along with some black pepper and salt. Mix together. 4. Roll out your favourite puff pastry into a flat sheet. 5. Roll your sausage mix into little/large tubes depending on the size that you prefer. 6. Place the sausage meat tube at one end of the puff pastry sheet and roll the sausage meat inside the puff pastry to form your uncooked sausage rolls. 7. Seal with egg yolk. 8. Repeat steps 4-6 until all of the sausage mix has been used. 9. Place your uncooked sausage rolls onto a greased oven/baking tray. 10. Pop the tray into a pre heated oven (190 degrees) for approximately 20-35 minutes (depending upon the thickness of your sausage rolls). 11. Before removing from the oven, ensure that your pastry is golden brown. Enjoy! Your sausage rolls are fantastic served either hot or cold with English mustard.