It's a farm life!

Find out a little more about who we are, what we do and what we believe in. 

Here at Snoutwood, we keep free-range, rare-breed Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs on our small family run farm.

Our on-site butchery allows us both to hand-make all of our very own produce using unique recipes & natural ingredients.
Our farm shop & online ordering system enables you to purchase our award-winning Snoutwood produce straight from the farm.
We use a local abbatoir just a few miles down the road, meaning as low food miles as possible.

So, why buy Snoutwood?

It’s simple:
We farm it.
We produce it.
We sell it...
and we're passionate about it.

All of our rare-breed pigs are FREE RANGE and OUTDOOR REARED, spending their entire lives OUTDOORS in their NATURAL environment. This enables them to move, forage and interact with each other in the fresh air, just the way pigs should. We ensure that our herd have full access to muddy wallows in the summer, daily access to clean plentiful water & fresh warm bedding.

Our pigs grow at a much slower rate giving a traditional succulent flavour that is lacking in commercial pork farming. We believe that our farming methods of this fantastic rare breed of pigs contributes to creating the most delicious Snoutwood pork produce of which we are incredibly proud.

Our very own butchery

As of March 2018, we both made the decision to take on a full-time role within the business upon completion of our very own on site Snoutwood butchery.

We are both proud to now produce every single one of our products, following homemade recipes that we have found work best in complementing our free range pork.

Our own butchery has gifted us opportunities to expand our product range, enable more flexibility with our produce, increase our knowledge of the meat process and most importantly allow us to have full involvement in every aspect of the business.

If anything, it has driven our passion further and we are always looking to improve our products whilst introducing new ones. 

All of our sausages are handmade using high percentages of pork, simple ingredients and natural sausage casings.

We deliver a service you can trust

“We are first generation farmers, & the whole business derived from our passion for small-scale, ethical farming & of course pigs. 

With our involvement & knowledge in all aspects of the business and full transparency in our operations, we like to think that this increases the trust in you our customers for what we both do here at Snoutwood.”

Meat has become so readily available that we as consumers have become so detached from the process of farm to fork & we believe we should all eat less meat, but better quality that ensures animal welfare is a priority. 

Drop us an email, shop online, or take a look at our socials for more information. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to sharing our Snoutwood produce with you. #supportlocal #eatlocal #keepitsnoutwood

Liam & Rebecca x