Snoutwood Pulled Pork


  • Snoutwood Pork Shoulder (2kg in weight will feed 5-6 people)
  • Paprika and ground black pepper
  • 1 clove of garlic (finely chopped)
  • Ciabatta, wraps or toasted buns.

Rocket salad and smoky BBQ sauce to serve.

Preparation the night before

1. Ensure that all work surfaces and knives etc are clean and ready to use

2. Remove Snoutwood pork shoulder from packaging and place in an oven proof dish

3. Add paprika, chopped garlic and ground black pepper to the meat. Really work it into the meat all over, paying particular attention not to get any on the rind (skin)

4. Rub salt into the rind then place your joint in the fridge overnight


 • Heat oven to 220 degrees

• Add more salt to the rind of the pork shoulder that you have had in the fridge overnight

• Place the joint in the oven for roughly 20-30 minutes or until the rind starts to crackle

• Remove the joint from the oven and drop the temperature of the oven to 100 degrees or less.

• Wrap the joint in at least four layers of tightly wrapped tin foil to seal all of the moisture and flavour

• Put the joint back into the oven and leave to slow cook for at least five hours.

Please note that you can leave it in for longer if you wish, but the temperature will need to be set slightly lower at around 80 degrees.

• Remove joint from oven and unwrap the tin foil.

 • Heat the oven back up to 220 degrees and place the joint back into the oven for around 20 minutes to finish off the crackling

• If the crackling does not look like it is crisping very well, turn on your grill but be careful as the grill will burn the crackling very quickly.

• Remove the joint from the oven when you are happy with your crackling and let the meat rest.

• Remove crackling and cut into bite sized pieces.

 • Use 2 serving forks to shred the pork shoulder (similar to how you would with crispy duck)

• Serve on ciabatta/wraps/toasted buns